Top 5 Reasons to Meditate

1) Overall health benefits increase, which include 90% less chance of cardiovascular disease, 70% less chance of cancer, greater clarity, better sleep, overall performance increase of up to 40-75%. We also begin to feel happier for no good reason as your base line of fulfillment increases. All of this from sitting eyes closed, effortlessly thinking a primordial sound.

2) The rate of success is largely determined by an individual's discrimination power. As we meditate, we're able to hold many things in our awareness at one time. This allows us to decide which demands are actually worthy of our time and attention, which are our two most valuable assets. You can lose money or even some health and get it back. But once your time is gone, it’s gone. Period. How are you spending it?

3) Better sleep. We're the only animal that tries to get all its sleep in one cycle while all other animal are multiphase-meaning they have several phases of sleep. Naps are literally written in our DNA, but the average adult spends about 8 hours and 42 minutes combined on electronic devices daily (computers, cell phones, televisions), which is about 20 minutes more on average we spend sleeping at night. This can affect performance and health. Vedic meditation induces rest that's 3-5 times deeper than regular sleep twice a day, which allows the body to reduce stress so it doesn't have to eliminate it at night when we sleep.

4) We act in accordance to our own consciousness state. Most of our lives are lived in relation to what we're thinking. That's why if we have stress-dominated nervous systems, we tend to create stressful experiences. It's the basic rule of like attracts like. Once we expand that consciousness state, we begin to expand the quality of experiences in our lives.

5) The myth of enlightenment is that it's for someone else with less problems, but what we're looking for is enlightened moments. No one attains a "fixed" state of enlightenment. This is why Buddha (a student of the Vedas) kept meditating even after he reached enlightenment. He knew that emotions, feelings and experiences were fluid not fixed. As we continue to meditate, we're experiencing a state of unbounded potentiality, which provides us a reference point for all other experiences and emotions. This allows us to remember our true nature and favor it, eyes open, during high demand situations. You are already enlightened to a certain degree. Meditation increases the ratio of enlightened moments, which help us to stop defending our right to suffer and get on with the business of being happier. This creates a domino affect on those around us.

"Every individual, by his every thought, word and action, shakes the entire Universe. This is the status of an individual. One is connected with the whole Universe by every little bit of activity. An individual appears to be bound by the boundaries of home and by the boundaries of his own body, but in reality the subtle aspects of the individuality go to make universal existence. An individual is never an isolated individual. He is intimately interrelated with the whole Cosmos. Even more than that, he shares the responsibility for the life of the whole Cosmos." ~Maharishi Mahesh Yogi