Leap First, Think Later

Becoming a meditation teacher was an unexpected journey for me. I was working out of town for the summer, hiking Colorado mountain trails while listening to John Denver (no lie) when I first got the impulse to teach. It made no sense to me at the time, there were plenty of meditation teachers already in NY, but when I looked back over the years, meditation was the thing that had helped me reengineer my life from the inside out. To be able to facilitate this kind of healing for others was what lead me to pursue teacher training. Years later, I can honestly say it's one of the best decisions I’ve made. 

Sometimes when we receive those impulses, they don’t make sense to us at the time. But those impulses are simply Nature’s GPS leading us where we’re needed most. Our job is to simply follow charm to where that journey may lead. We often overthink those impulses and push aside our natural GPS to rely on intellect more than instinct. But as meditators, we begin to hear the voice of instinct more clearly over the voice of the ego.
Just like the wave is not separate from the ocean, we are not separate from Nature, but rather individual expressions of it. When we meditate, we experience a larger state of Being or identity, completely opposite from doing or action. And from this place of stillness, massive potential and possibility can occur, which is why as meditators, when we receive an impulse, it doesn't matter if it makes sense or not. Because we're grounded in Being, connected to source energy, we can then perform action. We can leap when those impulses arrive and think later. 
Think of all the greatest works of art that would have never been created, or the books that wouldn’t have been written had those individuals not acted on the impulses they received. Nature pays attention to those who are awake, and the more we begin to act on these cues, the more we become a productive outlet for progressive change. We begin to operate from a place of using both the intellect and the instinct, which serves as a powerful compass.

What if for one hour you followed charm, or for one afternoon? Then how could you expand that? This doesn't mean giving up all worlds responsibilities to inhale chocolate cake for a week, that wouldn't serve evolution for the collective. But what if you lived life from a place of complete trust that Nature's intelligence has your back, has 100% potential waiting for you, and that you actually have a choice in what you'd like to do versus what you feel like you have to do? Two very different decisions with different outcomes.