Expansion and Contraction

There are two basic operating principles in evolution; expansion and contraction, which is present in pretty much everything from the Big Bang Theory to when we sit down to meditate. During meditation we’re moving from the field of action and thinking to state of Being, or least excited state. Wave (our individuality) settles and expands back into ocean (Universality).

Outside meditation, we experience expansion and contraction all the time. Joyful or profound experiences often result in expansion, whereas fear and stress tend to cause us to constrict, protect and hang on.

When we expand, we are productive outlets for progressive change, but what does progressive change mean? It involves asking yourself what your personal role in the evolution of things is right now, despite personal preferences.

No doubt, many of us are experiencing results of collective stress due to a change in expectation. Over the last week, I've had many students ask me for guidance (here to support), but before I offer any insight, it bears looking at one of the roots of this scenario.

Often when we feel separate or adrift, this can trigger ego or small self mind into thinking of someone else as "other." This is one of the super-sexiest tactics of the intellect: to think I have to prove the "other" wrong. But according to Vedic science-there is only one thing, which is consciousness, and we are it. This means there is no "other." So the more ego force we use to prove the other wrong can only produce more ego resistance in the "other."

Some say that everything happens for a reason, but I do believe that all things happen for all reasons. Evolution is happening with our without our willingness to participate. So maybe political events, global change is an opportunity/invitation for more unity rather than division as well as progressive action.

An elegant way to navigate though uncertainty is to get still, to wait for Nature’s Intelligence to tell us what next right next action is, which is picked up by fine level of feeling. This allows for more compassion. Easy? Not always, but we are ahead of the curve as meditators by dipping into our true nature twice daily. By doing so, we establishing ourselves in Being, then receive clues as to how to proceed for the next right action.

Then we get a choice in how we’d like to show up for the world.

The invitation we have in front of us is to transcend attachment-to reconnect to what serves evolution for all parties involved, and to practice authenticity. If anything, it's a time to reassess our own values, engage in our communities that believe the same and start having the difficult conversations that will elevate the collective consciousness as a whole.

When we meditate, we’re bringing our best selves forward. This has a massive effect to others around us.

Meditation is a tool that allows us to reclaim our true authentic selves. By doing this, we invite and sometimes by simple demonstration of this true nature, demand that others rise to the occasion as well. As the holidays come upon us, this can be a stressful time for some. But here are a few things that can help navigate:

~Listen before engaging. How can you invite common ground into the conversation rather than defend your position?

~Finding that 1 thing or that 1% in the other that you like is the bridge for expansion. By focusing on that one quality, empathy can expand into compassion from there.

~Self-care, which includes rest, baths, self compassion and eating good food.

~Know what your non-negotiables are for media intake. Are you glued to news that nourishes or stimulates by way of sensationalism? Be informed. On your terms. This helps diminish reactionary feelings or conversations.

~Know that a beginning is not an ending-a government can only govern willing participants of the collective consciousness. Connect to your tribe, nourish the heck out of them, and raise the average. I believe this a grassroots effort.

~Be the lamp post and resist playing it small. How can you elevate others rather than succumbing to lowest common denominator thinking?

Love & Jai Guru Deva,