Finding Unity

In wake of recent events, we're often left feeling quite powerless over collective states of consciousness. It seems like every week I find myself offering condolences for events or passings, and while there seems to be stagnation, we do have influence and can create change. 

As meditators, we know that simply by being in other people's awareness can make a difference because we've simply chosen to take responsibility for our own consciousness state. By doing so, we create a rifle effect, and this is the true hallmark of change on a deeply personal level.

Last night, I was just watching a documentary that featured Congressman Tim Ryan who is also a meditator. He has championed for meditation for people in armed services (GENIUS-uplevel consciousness states before you serve your country) and for education in general. He had a brilliant quote:

"The greatest waste is the waste of our human resources that go untapped. We don't need to go further to the left or to the right, we need to go deeper, we need everyone growing and developing themselves to their full potential."
We are borne with an understanding that we need each other to survive. Once we see that we're connected, I think that will change our politics-it's not the 1%, the 99%, but the 100%-we're all in this together we're all connected. 
How do we bring this change into our daily lives? it begins with developing those inner resources, cultivating that inner life. It gets us back in touch with that basic connection we all have."


This practice is based on intentionality, the intention to think the mantra 1-3 times is enough, and while the mantra may slip away, we encourage the forgetting of it, knowing that the intention is encoded in that primordial sound. 

If this is true, and it is, then intention in general can create similar change and re-ordering. Yes, we need action, gun control, and leaders coming together, but massive global change starts with this very basic notion of intentionality. 

I cannot thank you enough for learning this practice, for trusting me as your tour guide, it's something I don't take for granted. I hope to grow this tribe to a larger tribe of like minded people who are interested in not only unleveling their own consciousness state, but those around them as well. 

Today with your practice, know that you make a difference on a large scale on a daily basis. Set an intention before your practice for the healing that can occur, for the connection that needs to take place, and trust that that intention can be a very powerful thing. 

…THEN you can contact your local congress leader and say, “Gun laws, please!”



Tony Howell

Tony Howell is a digital strategist dedicated to helping you design your future—creating offline success from your online presence.