About Mark Price

With over a twenty year career in the entertainment industry, including Broadway as well as Film & T.V., I've developed a keen insight into the psychology of high performance, creativity and innovation.

However, I was engaged in a daily struggle for my own happiness.

After surviving multiple losses within the span of one year, I developed a mild form of PTSD that left me with a habit of rehearsing disaster. I had no real access to present moment awareness because I was too busy trying to plan for the outcomes of every single experience before it ever occurred. Exhausted, I'd turned to unsustainable behaviors. And although the therapists and healers I'd worked with helped, I wanted a tool that would help become self sufficient. I needed something to help me let go of the past so I could live a more powerful present.

I wanted another way to access greater states of well-being.

A friend suggested Vedic meditation but I'd tried other styles to no success. Being mindful of mindfulness felt like a full time job and repeatedly choosing joy daily began to have a reverse effect. I was constantly trying to control my own thoughts, not knowing that the stress I was carrying wasn't a mind problem but a physiology problem. The body is the thing that carries stress, and once I’d discovered that this practice delivered the deep rest needed to dissolve irrelevant stress on a cellular level, I took the course and immediately began to notice the effects. 

Within weeks, anxiety diminished, I was sleeping better and began to feel happier for no good reason.

I had more energy and clarity, which helped me perform better. My relationships improved and I stopped looking for external achievements to "fill me up." I became self-sufficient for my own happiness and state of well-being.

Now I get to help other people do the same.

After experiencing the profound personal change over the course of 7 years of practice, I embarked on a 17 month teacher training process that included study in Rishikesh, India, advanced courses in Vedic knowledge, as well study with some of the preeminent masters of Vedic knowledge.

Combined with my 13 years as a teacher and performance coach, I founded Alchemy Collective to help others integrate this powerful, yet simple ancient practice for modern living.

It’s about realizing our true nature, which is bliss and fulfillment, and creating a life of design.

Meditation is a stress relieving tool. And the whole point of practicing is to experience the benefits outside the practice; to perform better, sleep better, experience greater states of well-being, clarity, and creativity and to strengthen relationships and authenticity.

All you need is a willingness to get started. I look forward to helping you.


Mark Price  | Photo by Seth Beckton
No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.
— Albert Einstein