How Do I Learn?


1. Attend an Intro Talk

This is a complimentary, 1-hour talk where you can learn more about Vedic meditation, how this style differs from other styles, and what some of the research and benefits are. It’s also a chance to meet me, answer any questions you may have, and sign up for the 4-day course that follows - no obligation to enroll. There’s no meditation experience required to attend. It’s simply a fun and informal way to dive deeper into what this practice can do for you.


2. Enroll in Vedic Meditation Course

Here’s how it works…

  • The course is 4 consecutive days (approx. 90 min. each day).

  • You'll receive your personal mantra, as well as tools and thorough instructions for correct practice on the first day. Once you receive the basic operating procedures, you are self-sufficient to begin meditating at home.

  • Over the three follow up days, you'll have deeper understanding of how this practice works - the mechanics of meditation, exploration of the mind/body connection and states of consciousness beyond waking, sleeping and dreaming.

  • You'll also receive integration tools and ideas to implement this foundational habit into your busy schedule.Although the practice is simple, it’s powerful and designed to deliver some results quickly and efficiently.

Although the practice is simple, it’s powerful and designed to deliver some results quickly and efficiently.

Since the class is built on incremental information each day, all students are required to attend all 4 days.

If you cannot attend all days, please let me know and we can discuss alternatives.


3. Get Follow-up and Support

Your one-time payment for the course guarantees you a lifetime of follow-up and support as well as access to:

  • REFRESHER COURSES – Students are welcome to sit in and retake the Intro Course anytime in the future, which means you can attend day 2, 3, 4 or all sessions to refresh and deepen your practice with myself or any other Vedic Meditation teacher worldwide.

  • GROUP MEDITATIONS + TUNE UPS – Twice monthly I offer group meditations with tune up questions that you can attend live or via Facebook live (private FB page for Vedic meditators only) for a lifetime. You’re also welcome to attend any other Vedic meditation teachers group meditations as well. We’re a worldwide network with one goal-to keep you meditating twice daily.

  • ONGOING SUPPORT AND GUIDANCE – I provide personal assistance and check ins each day of the course to ensure quality instruction. Post-graduation, students have ongoing access to me for any questions that come up along the way as your practice unfolds.

  • TWO YEAR EMAIL SUPPORT CAMPAIGN- I have designed a post follow up email program to coincide with the evolution of your practice of Vedic meditation. This helps explore common themes and questions along the way as your practice unfolds.

  • OPTIMIZATION WORKSHOPS- Once a month I host livestream workshops or calls to supplement your practice. This may cover a variety of topics such as building the habit of meditation, optimal health and Ayurvedic practices, or Exploring Vedic Worldview through the lens of modern living.


Course Fees

Alchemy Collective offers a sliding scale for course fee which is based on a practice that dates back thousands of years in India.

Tiered contribution is an equitable exchange that cultivates the law of reciprocity - that something of great value is offered in exchange for receiving something of great value - and also nurtures the personal commitment of the student to the teaching.

I do not believe money should be a barrier to learning meditation. To make this course available to everyone regardless of financial status, I offer monthly payment plans or welcome hours of community service (40 hrs.) performed in lieu of financial contribution. Student, artist, senior and veteran rates are also available.

  • 40 hrs. of volunteer service (please present letter from qualified 501(c)3 organization) - Free

  • $300 course fee (full-time student and retirees)

  • $600 course fee (Artists, or yearly income <$50,000)

  • $900 course fee (yearly income $50,000 - $150,000) 

  • $1,200 course fee (yearly income > $150,000) 

*Monthly payment plans available.



There are a limited number of scholarships per year based on application, circumstance, as well as worthy inquiry. This program is for those facing severe financial strain (disabled, chronic disease, natural disaster, domestic abuse) and not necessarily for artists who are experiencing gaps in employment. Although all are welcome to apply, allocation is based on need. If you feel you do not meet these qualifications but are experiencing financial strain and want to learn, please feel free to contact and discuss alternate options.

Children ages 4-10 may learn for free, with the accompaniment of a parent who’s been practicing for at least a year. Individuals directly affected by suicide (partners, spouses, or family members) and veterans may learn for free, as well.


Private Courses

Private courses are available for individuals or groups or families.

They can be set up at your convenience and will take place over 4 days (2-hour sessions each). The cost includes a lifetime of follow-up and support, as well as access to all refresher sessions.

Expenses for travel outside of the city not included. Contact me for more details.